Tuesday, October 29, 2013

experimental learning project- day 1

This is my first day of experimenting what it is like to be a vegetarian and I haven't found it very easy. Today we had chicken nuggets at lunch- my favourite non-vegetarian meal at the cafeteria. everybody was eating it and I was there with my rice and carrots. While eating, I thought how hard it would be for vegetarians never to have meat and not to know what it tastes like.

Many vegetarians are vegetarians because of their religion or culture. This means they don't even have the option to choose what they want to be. I think that this is unfair as the people should have a choice weather they want to eat meat or not. I know a lot of people that say vegetarians are unhealthy but I strongly disagree. They say it is unhealthy because you don't get any protein but you can get them through eggs, cheese, milk and even vegetables such as potato.

First day of vegetarianism finished with success! Not one piece of meat. But will I do it for a whole week? It's going to be hard....

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