Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Science- student lead experiment

In science, we were set a challenge to figure out a question about the states of matter that we could carry out as an experiment. We could use anything in the science class for our experiment. I worked with Tibet and our question was 'Can we separate mixed solids and liquids?' to do this we dissolved sugar in water and evaporated the whole pot of water to see if the sugar had separated with the water. We figured out it did. We did have a small problem because after 1h30 of heating the glass beaker to evaporate the water, the glass had weakened so the beaker broke. We were lucky because we were still able to see the sugar at the bottom of the broken pot. Next time I would try the experiment with other solids such as salt or aspirin. During this experiment, I thought I was a risk taker because I did not know weather our experiment would work but I still did it.

My conclusion:

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