Monday, November 4, 2013

Experimental learning project - day 7

FINAL DAY OF VEGETARIANISM!!! I will finally be able to eat meat, sushi and enjoy everything offered at the cafeteria!

Indeed, I realized how much I miss meat and sushi and after a whole week of being a vegetarian, here are my thought and reflections.

Being a vegetarian is more than people might think. Especially when you haven't been like that all the time. We take meat in many thing and sometimes don't even realize it (like the ham in my pancakes) so it is hard to always have to think about what you are eating. I also think that being vegetarian has to be a choice made by the person itself because it will be harder to have food with a lot of protein (energy). This is why if you are an athlete, I do not recommend you to be a vegetarian. 

I also think that being vegetarian is something that can affect you socially. For example: if you are going to a dinner and you tell your host you are vegetarian, it will be harder for them to prepare a good meal that everybody will like. I also felt that when my mum prepared dinner with meat and I did not eat it, I was being disrespectful towards her and her cooking.

Overall, I think I did pretty well on not eating any meat for a week. I loved the experience and think that this is a great and fun way to make us understand what life is like for vegetarian people. I really enjoyed this experience and hope to do it again soon! 

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