Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Art and color final pieces

This semester in Art and Color, we practiced our drawing skills, learned about the different elements and principles of design which we applied on texture drawings, line drawings and also using color with paint, which was our second topic in Art. We learned about the color theory, discovering the color wheel and explored impressionist paintings and artists. We ended the semester by doing a final piece based on an artist of our choice. 

Texture Drawing      
Objective-    Create a composition using line and texture

In art and colour, our first assignment was to create a texture drawing using pen. At first, I started by sketching my drawing with a pencil and then, I went over it with a pen. I found it very hard not to be able to change things after we went over it with a pen but I enjoyed the idea. The final piece was not really what I expected but it was still okay. 

Drawing with charcoal       
Objective-    Create a composition of still life exploring value, contrast and form to create volume

In art and colour, our second assignment was to create a still life drawing using charcoal. I tried to explore different values using contrast to make the viewer see that objects are different. The most difficult part for me was to create contrast between the different objects. It was hard because I had trouble shading with the charcoal and I accidentally used pastel for some of my work. 

Objective-    Create a composition exploring an organic form.

Our task was to create an organic form using charcoal in the little forest near the student centre. I made 2 drawings: one of a branch and one of a bamboo (picture). The one I found the most challenging was surprisingly the branch because I found it hard to show form using charcoal. I think that my bamboo was good even if It looks a bit like a back bone. I enjoyed the organic form the best.

Making the color wheel

Objective-    Create the color wheel including all of the 12 colors in it. 

Our task was to make a colour wheel using only the 3 primary colors so we learned how to mix different primary colours to make other colours. I think that the most challenging part of this task was when we had to figure out if the color we made was the same as the actual color. To do this we had to compare it with the color wheel on the wall. It ended up quite well. 

Impressionist paintings

Objective- To make a painting based on another painting from an impressionist artist.

The artist's work I copied was Sower with Setting Sun by Van Gogh. I had trouble at first because I was blending instead of making brush strokes. Mrs Ariani showed me how to do it and now, I understand the principles of impressionism. Impressionists are the first ones who went outside to paint so light became a big part of drawings. It made the colours stand out in their paintings. Van Gogh's favourite colour was yellow which is why we can really see the colour yellow on my painting

Objective- To make an impressionist painting based on a picture the student took. 

This was one of my favourite projects. I really liked the idea of painting a picture I took. I struggled a bit at first because making trees in impressionism is very hard. Mrs Ariani showed me how to do it and it was better afterwards. I was happy with how it turned out even if I was a bit disappointed by the buildings. 

Impressionist painting 2

For our last composition, we had the freedom to chose any artist from any time to base our painting on. My painting was based on an impressionist artist which I could not find the name of but I chose him because his paintings are realistic and I really like that. I made my one a bit less realistic but I was very happy on how it ended up. 

I learned a lot in Art this quarter. When I came, I was not experienced at all and did not even enjoy Art a lot. However as we moved through the semester, I enjoyed it more and especially became better in it. My favourite painting was the last one. For the first time, I experienced acrylic paint, charcoal and texture drawings. I think that my progress can really be seen above from the first work to the last. Thank you Mrs Ariani for this wonderful semester!

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