Thursday, December 5, 2013

Benjamin Debrosse
Shannon Hancock
Humanities 8
1 Week – No Meat
Hard, made a mistake, excluded, unhealthy are some words I was surprised to see as I looked back at my blog folio 1 month later where I had written my thoughts everyday about being vegetarian during one week. This year we were given the challenge to do be a vegan, vegetarian, priest or other things I was not used to. I chose vegetarianism and yes it was hard. It was VERY hard. I chose it because I had many vegetarian friends in my old school and some of my family members as well. I wanted to know what it was like for them .It made me discover many things about vegetarianism and myself. Did you know that vegetarian people miss out on 40% of all the food on earth? I am French and food is very important in my culture, especially meat! Just telling my family that was being vegetarian for a SINGLE week made them go crazy. No meat? How do you live? You’ll get sick!

For me, food is very important and even if I understand the motives at which people are vegetarians, I don’t think that it is good in a social way and in a health way. “I could not regain my energy”. I wrote this on one day were I had a lot of tiring activities. I could not eat protein rich food. Yes, there are eggs but I don’t think that you can eat eggs all the time. Some vegetarians also have some protein pills but I really think that somebody should eat a bit of everything if you want to be healthy and especially if you are a sporty person. I also felt a bit excluded from the group because they were all eating one food and the others didn’t.

I learned a lot about myself during this experience. One thing I learned was that even if food is not the most important thing in my life, the food I eat shapes my mood. When I have no cereals in the morning, I get really mad at everybody and it becomes irritating for people around me while when I have my favorite food, sushi, it makes me really happy!

So if somebody comes up to me one day and tells me ‘I’m becoming a vegetarian!’, I’ll tell them that I am strongly against it and that even if that person does not want to kill animals, the ways we kill them nowadays are becoming less and less painful for animals and eating meat is part of  life.

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