Monday, January 27, 2014

Argumentative essay phase number 1 & 2

Phase one

In Humanities 8 last semester, we were asked to write an argumentative essay around the topic: Shutting down screens for a week. It means stopping using any technology for a whole week. We had to argue for or against it. I decided to argue against it. We had a week to complete it and I felt pretty confident during the whole time probably because it did not count for a grade so I was less stressed about it. I was also confident and happy while handing it in.

However I was not as happy with my grade as I had only threes except for one 4. My 4 was from the voice section. I think I was good at this because I practiced a lot in my old school writing argumentative essays and I am quite direct and to the point. On the other hand, I was not surprised to see a 3 in my word choice because English isn't my first language so I don't have this fluency and large amount of specific words.

My goal for the next argumentative essay is to have at least one 5 and mostly 4s.
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Phase two

What was I asked to do in this Argumentative Essay: The Formation of the Nation of Israel?In this Argumentative essay, I was asked to debate weather Israel should have right to exist. This had to be expressed in an argumentative essay. We had a bit more than a week for it.

What was important about this writing piece for me? Be specific. 

In this essay, I felt that proving my point was the most important because I felt very strongly that Israel has every right to exist. It is not even questionable and I felt that if I did not prove my point well, I would feel that I didn't complete the work.

After reflecting on my first essay on the Blogfolio and setting goals for this argumentative essay, what specific progress did I make? In which areas of writing and/or the 6 Traits?

I think I made a lot of progress regarding sources and facts in my essay. One my first essay, I hardly put any quotes or fact but in this one, I have nearly 20 and I have also learned MLA citation form which will help me during my whole school career. I think I also improved a lot on my organisation as I reminded my reader the main topic at the end of my paragraph to help me and the reader not to go off track. 

Do I see any patterns in how I approached my writing work? Were the strategies and skills I used this time effective for this writing work and for me as an individual? Explain.

I think that I approached my essay in the same way, especially with my way of thinking. One of the techniques I use when writing an essay is that I write whatever comes up in my mind first and then add citations, facts and I make my writing better. This is a very helpful technique for me as I usually have trouble coming with a lot of ideas at first. 

In what ways was this argumentative essay different than my first one for me?

This argumentative essay was better for me because we were 'free' to write it. Firstly, we could go outside or in the library to work and we also had the freedom to use any source we wanted. I also liked it because we could have our essay reviewed by a peer which helped me a lot. 

What steps should I take to continue my growth and progress as an argumentative writer or writer in general?

I think that the only way to improve in writing is by writing. However reading can also improve your vocabulary and word choice. 

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