Monday, March 17, 2014

Humanities - Classic book partner read project

This quarter's blogs were a bit different in humanities. As you may know, we have been posting on our class literary blog every weekend. Last semester, we had to be roles such as summary sultan were each role had to write or draw about a different aspect of the books we were reading. This quarter, we were asked to choose a partner that was older than you and read a classic book together. Each week, we had to write a post explaining what we had read and answering prompt questions that Mrs Hancock was giving us. Every time, we had to include our partner's ideas and thought. I read From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Vernes with my grandma on my father's side. It was really fun project for me because I could talk with my grandma, who lives in France, more often and I also found it interesting to compare your thoughts on a book with another person, which we don't do often.

Above is a screenshot to give an idea of the blog posts I make. It is not very clear but you can see all of them by clicking on the links below!

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