Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Geography - Case study

This Quarter in geography, I started a new phase of my Geography journey which is a case study. A case study is an essay that discusses a current event or something that happened. I made an 8 page essay on the Netherlands and their Delta. It talks about how the Netherlands deals with having half of their land under sea level. If you want to see the complete essay, please go to the link below. I had a lot of fun doing this essay as I learned a lot about my topic and I was rewarded with 100%! I did find some parts challenging to this essay especially the fact that I could not have any first person. I thankfully got saved when I handed my rough draft in as Mr Engstrom was able to point out all the mistakes I made. I also improved myself in reasearching information as this was a big part for my case study. I think that I was a critical thinker in this project because I had to filter all the information I collected to make a relevant, consistent essay.

To see my case study, click here

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  1. Ben- I too, was pleased with the outcome of your case study. You chose a topic you were interested in and put in a ton of effort and the final result was a paper that you could be proud of. Suggestion- I would expand a bit on your reflection here. You cite critical thinking as a label here and I think it would help if you thought a bit more about what aspects of thinking critically were in play when you were doing your case study. Just a thought that might help. Well- done!- Mr.E!