Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maths - AC maths this quarter

This quarter accelerated maths started again. To remind you, AC maths  Basically, it is a website were you do math exercises. Every exercises have objectives and if you succeed you get that objective ready to test. When you have 5 objectives ready to test, you can do a test at school and if you succeed that, then you get 5 objectives mastered. The goal this quarter for 8th grade was 35 objectives mastered. I got 33. I was happy with my grade as this quater's AC maths was particularly harder than last time as some of the objectives we did not even do in class so I had to look it up and it took a lot of time. I am still happy we had it, though because it helped my grade so much. I started with an F in maths but now I have a B partly because of AC maths. I think that I was responsible with accelerated maths as I did not always ask the teacher for explanations and instead looked it up. 

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