Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our theatre directing class - Ben and JP

On the 19/4/2014, we to opportunity to direct the play Hotel Transy-mania.

We started on 23 and worked on a scene with vlad and his brides. We worked a lot on this to get the brides' positions right. We tried to be detailed other and going fast. The on page 27 we worked a lot with Hannah and Sebastian. We worked on making the slaps and the romance at the end. This was a bit embarrassing for the two and we think that they should work alone on that scene. Finally we worked on the chase scene on page 33. I ended up quite bad because it was a mess and nobody was being cooperative.

Throuought the class, it was to be the director because we were often disrupted by people talking. we had a hard time with a few people but it got sorted.

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