Thursday, April 3, 2014

Portuguese - Refecion

With my moving in honored maths this quarter, I had to change portuguese class due to schedule problems. It has been a big change for me as the class I was put in is a high school portuguese class. I was a bit scared at first but it was okay as I had a friend that also went with me. It was the same level so it wasn't too hard. In fact it was very easy so I spoke to my PFL teacher and she told me that I would be put in PFL 3 next year (I am in 1). I was a risk taker when doing this because I am risking going two levels up instead of one but I think I can handle the challenge. Please find 2 small paragraphs I made at the start and end of the quarter to see my improvement.

Start of quarter
End of quarter

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  1. Muito bom, Ben! Tô contando contigo no PFL 3.