Thursday, August 14, 2014

Core value- math

Communicators: They value the importance of clarity in communication across multiple languages and through a variety of digitally collaborative venues.
For me, being a communicator is exchanging and conversing about topics and ideas as well as helping others through different medias and languages. I think that I am a good communicator because I always try to communicate with people around me using different medias to enrich my knowledge on culture and diversity. Through internet, writing and directly speaking, I also try to communicate and exchange my opinion and thoughts on subjects.  

Risk-takers: They have the courage to explore new ideas, roles, and strategies as they encounter unfamiliar situations and new challenges.

I think I need to improve my risk taking skills because for me, risk taking an never giving up are the keys successful life. By risk taking, I mean trying new activities, improve yourself in what you already are good at and try to discover new things because it is this way that you can create new passions and skills. For example, last year I tried theatre and really enjoyed it therefore this year, I signed up for theatre this year and took a risk by committing myself to so much time. 

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