Friday, October 3, 2014

History 9 Reflection core values

This quarter in History, I believe that the core value value I showed the most is risk taking. I believe that I was a risk taker in history because whenever we had to write a paper or even analyse a source, I critically thought about it and tried to relate it to other historical events and people. I believe that critical thinker is one of the most important core values in History because it is important to connect the dots of history in order to better understand how events occurred from different points of view.

One core value I believe I could improve to be better in History is being curious. I think that it is nice to learn more about the subject, especially when it is interesting to me. This way, I could reach deeper and broader understanding of concepts and ideas. This would be very good in history because we are more taught the big picture of historical events and gaining a broader knowledge of the topic can be useful in essays, for example.

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