Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quarter One Reflection - Integrated Science I

This quarter in science, I believe that the core value I stood out in the most was responsibility. Not only did I come and time and prepared to every class, but I believe that I had a personal commitment to the class. I did my best to follow every safety instructions so that I would not endanger the class's safety. I also think that one aspect of being responsible is being organised. Not only as in being prepared for the class ect... but also being organised in the work you do. I think that I did very well in this. I organised my different units in my folder with stickers so it would be easy to differentiate them and I was also organised in my notes and the work I do. One example is the data tables. I tried to make them as organised and clear to understand as possible so that I could look again at this data and analyse it easily. Below is a screen shot of my table. Here, it is easy to understand what I was researching and my data.
A core value that I believe I should improve for next semester is being curious. Science is such a broad subject and there is so much to find out. I am sure that if I am more curious about things that interest me and learn more about it, I would become a more cultivated person on this topic. This is always good as you can participate more during class and add to what the teacher is saying, especially since I want to work in the area of medicine which includes science. My goal is therefore to research 1 interesting topic I learn in science per week. 

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