Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Short Story Reflection: What did I learn from my peer review?

I learned many things through my peer review about my short story. Firstly, I recognised that I had used many 'I's, 84 of them. I figured that was okay for a 1500 word essay but now I will know not to use so many of them later. The problem is that, when I came back to review, there weren't many places were I could change the I to something else. 

Another pattern I recognised on my peer review sheet is that I was in the 8/8.5 section of the rubric and that by doing just a few more things, I could go into the 9/9.5 section. Some of these include employing literary features to effectively serve the context, having a constantly well organised work and having very infrequent errors and accurate punctuation.   

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  1. Excellent! Great post and showing your artifact.