Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Unit #2 Reflection

Do you believe, like Locke and Hobbes, that people would be in a constant state of war if not for the social contract?

I believe that, the people would not be in a constant state of war if not for the social contract.

In the context that the people from our century were to loose their social contract, which is impossible, I believe that we would not go into a state of anarchy, simply because humans cannot give up their social contract anymore and we don't know how to. We are born and have grown in a society where a social contract is the normality. Asking someone to give up a social contract is asking them to give up all their beliefs and live a lifestyle that they don't even know: living without a leader. Even if the governments crumble and we loose any type of authority and leadership, humans would quickly join back as families or groups and form tribes, villages, and elect a leader, an army, and a social contract will be reformed because it is the only way we know how to live our lives. It is the key to survival and we are too smart to give that up.

If there was no social contract anymore, humans would end up creating a knew one because it is the way our minds work and it is our instinct to be safe and to achieve that, the easiest way is to give up some of our freedom in exchange of security offered by other people. 

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