Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bungy jumping - Blog #1

For the Barbie Jumping project, we were given the task to make a Barbie bungee jump from an unknown point. We have to calculate how many rubber bands are needed at any hight for the barbie to be as close to the ground as possible without her hitting her head on the floor, which would be unfortunate. I am working with Isabel Haegler and Maxime Peterson.

During this class, our first challenge was find a way to attach the barbie to the elastics so that it would not break. We figured that by tying it many times around her feet would work. Our second challenge was to figure how to actually measure the rubber bands needed for the jump. We figured that we could measure how much the bands stretched with the barbie however, one of our problems is that we don't know how to measure how much the bands will stretch during the jump (the maximum stretch).

Next class, we will set up a data table and start collecting data about the rubber stretch.

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  1. Is figuring out the maximum stretch of the rubber band the only approach or could you go about it a different way?