Sunday, November 2, 2014

Renewable Energy Project

Individually you will answer the following two criteria in a blogpost after the class presentations. Label your blogpost at least with a “Science” tag.

Predict what the energy situation for your country could be like in the year 2050 based on data you collect and analyze, not quoted from a website.
Based on predictions for 3035 we made, I infer that in 2050, nuclear power will increase a lot in Russia, as well as hydropower. However, they will use less coal and oil. They will still produce the same amount but instead of using it themselves, they will sell it to other countries because is it much more profitable. 

Create a proposal for the country on what we be the best course of action to take. This does not need to match what current actions are being done presently. Support your proposal with facts that led you to your conclusions..
I believe that hydroelectric power is the best renewable solution for russia right now because there is a lot of potential and very small damage to the environment. 

Hydropower is clearly the most profitable energy resource because after it is built, it is very cheap to maintain and generates a lot of electricity. For example the Itaipu dam in brazil generates on her own 17% of Brazil's energy, which is one of the most populated countries in the world. If Russia built enough dams, they could be dependant on hydroelectric power only! 

One of the biggest cons of hydroelectric power is destroying the environment and its wildlife by flooding it. In Russia, this is not so much of a problem. There are only 266 species of mammals in Russia, which is nothing compared to  the 600+ that there are in Brazil. Most of these animals live in places where dams cannot be built, such as in the northern areas, where the ice would be a problem for dams , or in the eastern area, where there is not enough hydroelectric potential to build a dam. Therefore the animals are not in so much danger. Russia is very cold most of the year and a large portion of it is covered in ice, therefore, some people may argue that we cannot build dams in Russia because the water will be frozen. This is not the case as most of this ice is in Northern russia while the hydroelectric potential is in the southwest. 

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