Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pocahontas Reflection

A.            Is their harm done by depicting historical inaccuracies in the Disney film, Pocahontas?
Explain why or why not.

In the movie Pocahontas by Disney, many historical inaccuracies were made such as the relationship between Pocahontas and John Smith, the fantasy features (racoons, birds...) and the conditions of the Englishmen when they arrived on the new land. But does it matter? Does it do any harm that the film doesn't portray the truth? 

I think that it doesn't do any harm as long as we don't relate this story to the english colonization of America (which would be the case for most kids watching this). Many historians say that by telling little kids a wrong story, it will affect the way they think of the time period however, most kids, including me (when I watched it at the age of like 5), would not even pick up the fact that the English are coming to colonize this place. I think that kids all need to have fantasy during their childhood and adapting the story of Pocahontas to a more fantasy based film was a brilliant idea. It is so far away from the actual reality that we can even say that it is does not even tell the story of Pocahontas. However, for the people that watch this at a more mature age, I think that harm can be done because many people never learn about Pocahontas so they might think that what actually happened is what is being depicted in the film.   

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