Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bungy Jumping - Blog #2

Today in class, we started our experiment. We collected data by measuring how many bands the barbie would need to come as close to the ground as possible (without touching it) at different heights (1m,1.5m,2m,2.5m,3m,3,5m,4m). In the data we collected, I noticed a pattern where there was an increase of 4 rubber bands every .5m until 4m and after that, it only went up in 2s. This could be because the force of the rubber bands increase faster than the height we throw the barbie at. Another thing I noticed was that after 3.5m, 2 of our rubber bands broke. We had to replace them but this shows that after using rubber bands many times, they get weaker and weaker until the break.

The main challenge today was time management. We didn't have time to go as high as we wanted and this is because of a few factors. Firstly, it took us a long time to find a way of measuring data. We tried other things before like measuring the maximum stretch the barbie would go at each height. The second and biggest factors was communication. We lost a lot of time because we didn't have set roles for each of of the positions for the experiment. Also, when we were on the stairs, it was hard to communicate with the person at the bottom because we couldn't see them (as we had to hold the measuring tape). Another small challenge we had is I accidentally broke the measuring tape and it got all tangled. We gave it to maintenance and it should be repaired soon.  We still go through a lot today and I am happy with the amount we achieved. Now we will have to make the calculations and plot our results on a line graph so that we can find the equation of the line that will work at any level.

Below are two of our tests:

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