Monday, December 8, 2014

Bungy Jumping - Blog #3

Today, we finally tested our equation out but firstly, I would like to talk about the process we went through to calculate the equation. Firstly, we collected our data. We collected our data by measuring how much rubber bands the barbie needed to fall to the right height at different heights (from 1m to 4m going up in .5m). After we collected the date we plotted it on a line graph. The amount of rubber bands are the the Y axis and the X axis is the height at which we threw it at. Below is our line graph.

Now that we had our line graph, we could make a line equation out of our line. Our equation is  y=8x-3 . X is the height of the jump and y is the amount of rubber bands needed. 

So did all of this work? Well, when we plugged in 8 meters in the equation, it gave us 63 rubber bands. However, when we did it, our barbie touched the floor both times we tested. I think that there are several factors that affected this outcome. We did our data collecting the first 2 classes, where the rubber bands were still pretty new and we based our equation out of these results. However, in between the time were we collected our data and did the actual thing, the rubber bands had probably been used many times by other students and therefore they stretched more. Because of this, our equation was off by a few rubber bands only! Therefore, when we redid it at a lower height, we took away 4 rubber bands and it worked! 

One thing that we could have done to assure that this project would work perfectly would be using new rubber bands every class. Even if this is kind of a waste, it would ensure that we would get the same results every time.

Below is the video of our 2 tries at the second height.

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