Sunday, April 26, 2015

Connecting Romeo and Juliet to Current Events

Three years ago, Huda, a girl from a wealth family, met Harafat at a cell phone shop in Saudi Arabia. They fell in love and Harafat asked for the permission of the father to marry her daughter. The father refused, claiming that he didn't want her daughter to marry into a different social class. 

Huda therefore decided to run off with the love of her life to Yemen, where they hoped to marry and live happily however, Huda was arrested at the border for illegal immigration. On their return to Saudi Arabia, Huda's family also got Harafat arrested for helping Huda flee. They claimed that he had used 'magic' on her to get her to leave. 

This story relates in many ways to Romeo and Juliet. Two lovers, from two very different families that disapprove their engagement. Just like in Romeo and Juliet, the family was prepared to kill to stop the marriage. This is a situation that occurs more and more especially in the middle east as young citizens fight against their cultures and their families to obtain true love and happiness. 

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  1. Such a sad article! What kind of a response does one give to "magic" was used to trick her into leaving??