Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Acting Reflection

In this unit, I improved my acting and directing skills a lot. I had a lot of, as well as some frustration along the way but I am very happy with the final performance.
Directing - 6 
I think that aspect I improved in the most was directing. I became much more critical when looking at performances and I was able to pick out specific things the actor had to improve on. An area of weakness in my directing is communicating my feedback in a constructive way. 
Acting- 7
I already had some experience on acting but I learned a lot about character development. I realized the importance of a well developed character because even specific details can affect the way we act. I think that I still need to work on developing my character in plays where I don't create my character. We are usually only given small information on the characters in shows so I have to make decisions regarding other details. 
Designing - 5 
My designing skills are still very poor, mostly because I am not very good at drawing, which is a huge setback. I am also not a very artistic person. However, I still improved compared to how I was before and I did my best to have a well though-out costume. 
Writer - 6
Although I had some trouble finding inspiration for my monologue, I finally came up with a good idea that I am proud of and I think my writing was good. I still have to improve in my creativity. 

There were several steps to creating a good and believing character. Firstly, I read my character's will and looked at the activities he was part in. This helped me determine whether he was more of a sporty, academic, or artistic person. Then I did some historical research on that time period to find out how the people acted, talked and dressed at the time. Finally, I answered some questions regarding my character. I didn't know much, so I invented most of his personality. 

Some areas I could improve on is my costume design and my writing. My costume design was good in the end but I couldn't find the exact clothes for the actual costume. I also would like to improve my writing by adding more stage directions and doing more research to find a good story to write. 
There were no activity that were not helpful to me but I would have loved to do more improv with my character such as the tea party we did. 

I enjoyed the rehearsals we did with the stop and go and run throughs because they helped me improve a lot. The part that I least like was doing the research since I struggled to find what I was looking for, and it took a very look time to get my information. 

1) Collaboration - 7 
2) Creativity - 5
3) Control & Concentration - 6 
4) Confidence - 7 
5) Clarity (Vocal & Physical) - 6 
6) Positive Risk Taking - 6 

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